Aidosss Store is a Hong Kong-based select shop and design studio founded in 2020 by two young local designers. The inspiration for the name "Aidosss" actually came from Aidos, a Greek goddess who represents modesty, respect, and humility. We hope to create a similar atmosphere in terms of aesthetics and attitude. The two "S"s behind "Aidosss" represent the two roles of "Select" and "Studio" respectively. We believe that simple and functional design with character is timeless.We are dedicated to collecting products from all over the world, crafting by our hands, and offering diverse lifestyle products including everything from homeware, accessories, stationery, tools, to personal care products and art objects.

Language of Aidosss Store

Color and aesthetics play a major role in a product and they have the power to influence our style and emotions.In order to let customers pick the colors they love for their daily life, we categorize all products in colors. Color becomes the main language of our store.White (#FFFFFF), Black (#000000), and Grey (#CCCCCC) — a monochrome aesthetic, always neutral and more timeless. They become the core language of Aidosss Store.