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Tangent GC

Tangent Garment Care specializes in organic garment, shoe, and skincare. It is a Swedish brand founded as a natural, effective solution for customers’ garment care needs. Their products target certain people whose appreciation for quality craftmanship creates a need for proper, meticulous care for their own.

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Sold outSave 20%TGC041 yuzu delicate detergentTGC041 yuzu delicate detergent
Tangent GC
TGC041 yuzu delicate detergent Sale priceHK$184.00 Regular priceHK$230.00
Sold outSave 20%TGC042 kiyomi fabric softenerTGC042 kiyomi fabric softener
Tangent GC
TGC042 kiyomi fabric softener Sale priceHK$184.00 Regular priceHK$230.00
Save 50%TGC045 clover sportswear detergentTGC045 clover sportswear detergent
Tangent GC
TGC045 clover sportswear detergent Sale priceHK$115.00 Regular priceHK$230.00
Sold outSave 20%TGC046 sugar cashmere detergentTGC046 sugar cashmere detergent
Tangent GC
TGC046 sugar cashmere detergent Sale priceHK$184.00 Regular priceHK$230.00
Sold outSave 20%TGC047 kiyomi everyday detergentTGC047 kiyomi everyday detergent
Tangent GC
TGC047 kiyomi everyday detergent Sale priceHK$224.00 Regular priceHK$280.00
Sold outTGC101 oud organic soapTGC101 oud organic soap
Sold outTGC102 yuzu organic soapTGC102 yuzu organic soap
Sold outTGC105 fir organic soapTGC105 fir organic soap
Sold outTGC205 Fir organic hand creamTGC205 Fir organic hand cream
Sold outTGC206 Tulip organic hand creamTGC206 Tulip organic hand cream
Sold outTGC202 Yuzu organic hand creamTGC202 Yuzu organic hand cream
Sold outTGC201 Oud organic hand creamTGC201 Oud organic hand cream